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Invitation for the Creative Construction Conference 2012

Dear Colleague,

Creation is an inspiring feeling. This is especially true, when one has the opportunity to create objects of a size only a few people on Earth can. Bridges, dams, highways, skyscrapers, cathedrals are not only fascinating due to their size but also because they are able to affect the everyday lives of the people living in their vicinity for decades or even centuries. Construction... this is the real creation.

However, the creator's responsibility is enormous. These objects cost a tremendous amount of money. In addition, the creator has to meet deadlines and ensure appropriate quality. At the same time, it is getting harder to live up to the ever growing expectations: high-rises with many hundred stories are designed and built, trains compete with the speed of planes, buildings ought to produce energy instead of consuming it, and maybe in the not so distant future we are going to build in outer space... perhaps with the help of robots.

Meeting the demands of the world requires increasingly great knowledge, and more and more branches of science and engineering enter the service of building. The Creative Construction Conference invites those researchers who have realized the significance of the above points and accept that building materials, construction technology, and management, are going to change exponentially in the future and would like to contribute to this process with their own findings, and to join our collective brainstorming.

If you agree with the above statements, you are cordially invited to participate in the conference. We look forward to exploring the known and unknown boundaries of construction together.

See you in the summer of 2012 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Mirosław Skibniewski
Chair of the Scientific Committee
Miklós Hajdu
Chair of the Organizing Committee